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Raquel Díaz Reguera
A Guide to Grandmas

(Abuelas. Manual de instrucciones)

Children and Young Adult / Picture Books

  • Published: 06/11/2014
  • ISBN: 9788448842697
  • 64 pages

Kids tend to think that grandmothers are old and out of touch with the modern world, but it’s easy to recognize a super granny if one knows what what to look for. A super granny can wait in line for a week to get you tickets for a One Direction concert for. A super granny can line up for a week to get tickets for the One Direction concert; she can cook a meal for 3 and feed 250 people; and she can skydive to get the best spot at a crowded beach. Grannies were once the coolest kids in town, and here’s a handbook to spot every type of grandmothers.