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Roger Olmos / David Aceituno
Kisses: Real and Imaginary

(Besos que fueron y no fueron)

Children and Young Adult / Picture Books

  • Published: 17/11/2011
  • ISBN: 9788448832353
  • 96 pages

Peter Pan and Wendy, Sleeping Beauty or Cyrano de Bergerac wander through this untraditional picture book. Witty, inspiring, seductive, edgy in all its details, KISSES: REAL AND IMAGINARY is a gateway to a stimulating universe. The book narrates the most beautiful kisses in literature or fairy tales, between real people or beloved fictional characters; as it reveals why they loved, what they saw in each other, the obstacles they faced, where the kisses took place... What about those kisses that should have been given but never were? The reader finds out the stories of lovers who were denied their rightful kiss; where those kisses are hiding or who got them instead. A dictionary of kisses, some very curious tests, a game board and a guide to distinguish true kisses from false ones complement these magical tales whose etc.