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Aura Xilonen
Gringo Champion

(Campeón gabacho)

  • Published: 01/11/2015
  • ISBN: 9786073136761
  • 336 pages

In this novel, Aura Xilonen deals with the social problems, loneliness, and fear that migrants face, but also with the love. Liborio is a Mexican young man, a mojado who crossed the Río Bravo and moved to the US in search of a better future. When he gets the chance to work at a bookstore, he fuels his erotic fantasies by watching girls. One day, he meets one of the objects of his fantasies and she brings meaning to his life. Then, his story takes an unexpected turn: he becomes a boxer.

About the author

Her literary debut, Campeón gabacho, was awarded the Literatura Random House Premio Mauricio Achar, 2015. In 2015, Xilonen won the second-place prize from the Autonomous University of Puebla for a short film, and first place for best original screenplay, Celaghdki, from the University Cultural Complex.

Rights sold

  • Netherlands: Wereldbibliotheek
  • Italy: Rizzoli
  • France: Éditions Liana Levi
  • UK & US: Europa Editons
  • Germany: Carl Hanser Verlag