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Ana Punset
The Red Shoes Club 1

(El club de las zapatillas rojas 1)

Children and Young Adult / Middle - Grade Books

  • Published: 01/02/2016
  • ISBN: 9788484410812
  • 272 pages

Lucía, Frida, Bea and Marta have decided to make a friendship pact and to start a very special club: the Red Shoes Club! The four friends have known each other since elementary school but now something’s come up out of the blue and threatens to put their friendship to test: Marta is moving to Germany. To keep their friendship safe and avoid growing apart, they have decided to create the Red Shoes Club, honoring the red sneakers they all love. The Club has 10 rules that all four agree to follow, like never lying or having secrets, or criticizing behind someone’s back, etc... but, most importantly, to be friends forever. In addition, they will all have to wear their red sneakers on any special day. Right after saying goodbye to their friend, Frida, Bea and Lucía are feeling a bit sad, but they soon find out about a great opportunity: a well-known teen’s magazine has organized a dancing competition and the winner is to get a trip to Berlin to attend one of Justin Bieber’s concerts! What if they signed up? They could use the trip to visit their friend… These four girls live every day adventures filled with humor and love, while attempting to keep their friendship strong!

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