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Dr. Walter Dresel
The Garden Of Your Heart

(El jardín de tu corazón)

Business motivation & Self-improvement

  • Published: 07/11/2016
  • ISBN: 9789974741713
  • 264 pages

Based on her professional experience playing in the most important poker championships in the world, Leo Margets addresses the balance between skill and luck, making decisions in stressful situations, evaluating risks, dealing with uncertainty, self-knowledge, and resilience. She applies the lessons she’s learned from poker to the widest variety of life circumstances, from romantic relationships to buying a home or making an investment.   With wit and sparkle, Leo Margets demystifies clichés such as the “bluff” and the “poker face” both at and away from the card tables, and develops the concept of “expected value” that will completely change our perspective on life and business.   If we learn to think in terms of expected value and apply that to our financial and everyday decision-making, situations that once seemed risky will reveal themselves as great opportunities that will bring real results.  

About the author

URUGUAY – Walter Dresel (Montevideo, 1945) is a cardiologist and homeopathic practitioner. He founded the Centro de Medicina del Bienestar [Center for the Medicine of Wellbeing] in order to carry out a comprehensive study of aging with dignity, and the Centro de Liderazgo y Administración de la Vida Humana [Center for Leadership and Management of Human Life], which offers conferences, workshops, and personal growth training in the social and business realm.