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Laura Gutman
The Power of Maternal Speach

(El poder del discurso materno)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Inspirational

  • Published: 01/06/2016
  • ISBN: 9789500755795
  • 224 pages

This is a book about how to decode the maternal speech. It is a revealing closer look at our arid emotional realities. It is about our childhoods and, above all, about all that we no longer remember about our childhoods, but that moves the strings of all aspects of our lives. Among the specific subjects that it delves into are: what makes up the characters that forge our identities and how the more we have been emotionally neglected, the more we take refuge in those inner characters.

About the author

ARGENTINA – Laura Gutman (Buenos Aires, 1958) Laura Gutman is a writer and researcher on human behavior. She has given numerous seminars and conferences throughout the world, focusing on methodology for constructing human biography. She directs a training school, with a team of professionals who assist adults.


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