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Sofía Segovia


Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/08/2016
  • ISBN: 9786073142458
  • 254 pages

A metaphor of personal pain and of a society wracked by apathy and selfishness, Hurricane is a masterful novel no reader will read with indifference. Hurricane tells the shocking story of Aniceto “The Giveaway” Mora. Son of an unscrupulous father from a family ravaged by poverty and resentment, Aniceto Mora is left to his fate and becomes the town swineherd. His childhood is filled with paucity, filth, and the disdain of adults. A hurricane destroys the island of Cozumel, leaving tragedy and desolation in its wake, on a night when the deepest fears and bitterness emerge from wounds that never healed. At a galloping and absolutely unpredictable pace, Hurricane leads us into the world of a whole cast of unique and endearing characters.

About the author

Sofía Segovia holds a degree in Communication Science from the Universidad de Monterrey.  She has worked as a ghostwriter for many social and political personalities, and as a playwright.