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Edgardo Buscaglia
Money Laundering and Political Corruption The Art of International Organized Crime

(Lavado de dinero y corrupción política)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Divulgation

  • Published: 16/10/2015
  • ISBN: 9786073135047
  • 200 pages

Edgardo Buscaglia continues his pressing investigation into organized crime and its links to political corruption, this time on an international scale. He focuses on the evolution and keys to money laundering, which sustains the proprietary and financial networks of criminal groups around the planet: including the Sinaloa Cartel, the Italian-American mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads and other Asian groups. This book ventures down paths unexplored by international cooperation and proposes concrete mechanisms for fighting organized crime that go beyond the lack of political determination by corrupt regimes under the thumb of criminal networks.

About the author

MEXICO – Edgardo Buscaglia (Buenos Aires, 1960) is president of the Citizen Action Institute in Mexico; director of the International Law and Economic Development Center and Senior Research Scholar at Columbia University in New York.


Since 1990 he has worked as a consultant in the fight against organized crime, and for legal reforms in various international and bilateral institutions in 109 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


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